Alec’s Anecdote – May 15


Coming hot off the heels of Pentecost morning at church yesterday, I have a camp song stuck in my head. It’s about as simple as they come, but is a beautiful guide for our church as we continue to move and grow in this world. The lyrics repeat this line:

“When the Spirit says move, you gotta move…”

It also includes various verses where the Spirit says to sing, shout, listen, clap, laugh, and you could really add in many more such as pray, love, etc. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit and you are urged by the spirit to move, sing, love, and the like…you have noth-ing else to do but to follow through with such a thing. This is how I hope we begin this part of the church year following Pentecost as a church. I hope that we come together and are led by the Spirit to do all sorts of beautiful things in this world and all sorts of things for God.

We must, however, be open to what the Spirit is saying. We continue to branch out, sometimes getting out of our comfort zone at Richfield. For the first time in a few years our youth are leaving Waco to go on a mission endeavor, we are beginning to open up our church to more groups and neighborhood events as the days go: Scouts, AA, concert series, and potential movie nights. I love that we are not content to just stay as is, but feel that the Holy Spirit is moving us towards more ministry where we are. Let us continue to move, sing, love, and pray as the Spirit leads us into the future for Richfield!

Rev. Alec