Alec’s Anecdote – June 15

Alec YlitaloMessages

We have a NEW Website!!! Woohoo!!! Thanks to Shelley Story, we have joined the 21st century with website design, and it looks incredible! If you haven’t had a chance to visit it, simply wander on over to and you will be overwhelmed by the wonderful new design. We are still in the process of updating pictures and such for ministries/elders/board, but other than that everything is fresh and new.

Each week, the events under the NEWS tab will be updated with the most pressing events, with the two newest ones being at the bottom of the Home page. Click through and see what’s new…or see what we’ve been up to in the past by going through the old posts. In addition, you can find the most recent calendar on the Calendar tab so you will never be searching for yours at home again!

One of the main reasons for this website update is so that we have an appealing way to get our church out into the world for potential visitors and guests. If you meet someone and want to tell them about our family at Richfield, the Disciples of Christ, or all the exciting events on the horizon…now you can just point them in the direction of the website and they can explore what we’re all about. Hopefully we can continue to tell others how amazing our family is in new and different ways.

Also notice that VBS Registration is live online right now, all you have to do is go to that particular news story on the website and find the link there…spread the word so that we can reach many people with our VBS this year! Thank you for continuing to strive to find ways to build up ministry within this church, all of you continue to amaze me each and every day…I’m blessed to be a part of Richfield!



Rev. Alec